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My cup runeth over with joy

I should really take up drinking again. I gave it up for a while, in preference of money, but it really is great. I don’t know what it is about beer, seeing as how it is my bane, but put a few in me before bed and I will sleep like a god-damned log. The kind of log that has been damned by god. For some reason, the morning after a few beers (even if it was a heavy session) I’ll willfully and unprovokedly jump out of bed. No fatigue, no sleeping in; I just want, nay, need to get out of bed at a reasonable hour.

So I’ve made the decision, I’m going to start drinking a beer or two every night a little before bed, and sooner or later I’m going to start with a little home brewing. Not only is it good for my heart, but good for my sleeping patterns too. Of course, that last claim is yet to be tested. We’ll see.