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haha HA!

My evil plans are falling steadily into place. About half an hour ago I visited Centrelink and checked out certain things... most notably my eligibility to get free money from the government. It turns out I’m quite eligible. All those people that said work was for suckers? Well work has earned me the title of “independent”, despite my current living arrangement and general dependence on my parents. So work means I can get youth allowance, and subsequently cut my work at Woolies by half, growing fat on the government handouts I would otherwise be ineligible for. Excellent.

Consequently, I’ll spend much of tonight filling out the thousand-page application form and collating documents, so that I can start to claim my slob money as soon as possible. The downside to this otherwise-sweet deal? If I do earn money, say... from a design account, they’ll cut off my payments until said monies are expired. Example? If I get a $10 000 payout for some design work, they’ll cut off my payments for eight months or so. Terrible. What if I want to buy a new computer or some other tax-deductible item? I’ll need to investigate this, surely.

In unrelated news, it’s flying-bloody-ant season here in Joondalup. I wasn’t aware that such a season existed, but clearly the fog of flying ants outside the window is testament enough.