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Oh me.

Needless to say, that whole Centrelink form thing took me hours to finish. Most of my time was spent fishing around in my filing cabinet for the original copy of my birth certificate, payslips, recent bank statements for all my accounts, and current balances for all my accounts. I hope a printout from Bankwest’s online banking service will suffice, otherwise I’ll be sad. Yes, sad. Maybe even upset, though the obvious remedy would be to nip down the road to my bank and ask them for “official” prinouts, which I may end up doing anyway.

I may hit a few snags, seeing as how I’ve only barely earned enough over the last 18 months to be considered independent, but I get the impression I’m A-Grade welfare material in my paint-stained pants and my toe-holed shoes. They'll be begging to give me money. The whole business ownership thing is apparently a big no-no, but my sharp tongue and steely gaze should tide me over during the interview where I’ll calmly explain that my position as business owner is simply so that my clients and I can pay more tax. Surely any reasonable person could accept an explanation such as that. Surely.

Operation: Fix Up Isaac Phase Two began today, as Lee and I dismantled his front end with reckless abandon... all but removing my worthless air-conditioner. Oh yeah, we also removed the parts that need replacing. Come Sunday, he should be well on the way to a full recovery, leaving only knick-nacks and paddy-whacks for me to sort out before inspection. Hurrah.