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Pointless, really.

I had no qualms about skipping class today, as much as I love Anim2D (that’s Animation 2D) since it was raining outside and bed was cosy. Right now I’m eating Lamington Ice Cream. Yes I realise that it’s 11 o’clock AM, but I need to take these luxuries while I still can. Pretty soon I’ll be eating canned soup and rice 3 meals a day.

I can’t say enough about how great istock is. I spent hours there last night browsing and downloading some fantastic photos. It was Emma who originally put me on the path when she mentioned in a post that her handstanding girl photo had come from istockphoto. A quarter isn’t much to pay for royalty-free use of some of the most fantastic photos on the web, and even though that quarter trades for 40 Australian cents... that’s still only the price of a phone call.

If you do visit istock, definitely check out the isolated objects gallery. I may only be batting about all this because minimalism (well, HTMinimaLism to say the least) is really my thing, but it’s all gold. Almost everything there is perfect for web work and I wholeheartedly recommend it to any and all web desigers. Booya.