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Sausages and sniffles

I wish I wish I hadn’t eaten that fish. Or Mexican Sausage, as the case may be. I spent much of today feeling terrible, largely due to the hayfever/work combo I was suffering at the time. I blame the sausage of course, even though there’s little-to-no correlation between sausages and runny noses, intense sneezing and red eyes.

Tomorrow is Crustmas morning, and you know what that means. Clean the house, stow the DVDs and other valuables away from the light fingers of our thieving guests, bake the turkey and pop the champagne corks. I made jelly tonight in anticipation, that’s how much I believe in the spirit of Crustmas — jelly!

If I weren’t so tired-ass I’d be drinking and living it up at Nic’s place, celebrating his birthday. Instead I am sitting here typing this. I was half believing today that I might get some work done tonight, since I diagnosed myself too sick to party, but that idea fell through damned quick. I’ve been sitting here for about 15 minutes and all I can think of doing is having a shower and going to bed. Stupid hayfever. I’d better feel better by tomorrow morn or there’ll be hell to pay. Hell.

I almost forgot! My application to claim Youth Allowance was accepted. I am now officially a burden on the welfare system. I feel as though I’ve accomplished something.. I feel as though I’m getting all the tax I’ve ever payed back with interest. Meantime I’m putting in the hard yards to restore Isaac to his former glory. It shouldn’t be long now..