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So maybe I was a little hasty, basing my judgment on that photo. It turns out (after reading that bio) that she’s actually kinda old… and looks a little more like this. Error admitted, let’s move on with our lives.

My CPU is a NeuralNet processor. A learning computer

If you don’t regularly read Wired, you should definitely check this out. It’s a robot baby fer chrissakes! If all goes well, this thing could learn and develop just like a human child.

Of course, it could just stop learning anything past “ooh” and “ahhh” and be a total flop… but I’m trying to look at this positively. You know how it is… the future being in our hands and all.

Thank God… or whatever

I just checked Curtin’s “Online Tutorial Signup” page (signup closes February 29!!) to make sure I’d been removed from a tutorial I was double-enrolled in (seeing as I requested the removal about a week ago and they said it would take 2-3 days). I’ve just got to say “Thank you Jesus/Mary/Joseph/Allah/Buddha/Mohammed/Eliza Dushku” for not letting Curtin get all pain-in-the-ass on my ass. I’m enrolled in the right tutorial, and damned glad about it too.