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The good and the bad

I missed the Apple Developer seminar yesterday; which pisses me off to no end, since there was word of showbags to early attendees… and given that Apple handed copies of Keynote to everyone in the crowd at Steve Jobs' speech at MacWorld earlier this year, one would assume that said showbags would be reasonably generous in their offerings. Damn.

Then again, my absence from the seminar meant that I could spend the evening at the GBT watching Blueshift (friends of mine), Four Times Jimmy (Ten Foot Pole impersonators extraordinaire!) and Tantrum (sometimes moody and heavy, sometimes upbeat and pop-punky. Their lead singer resembles a young David Bowie, incidentally) do their thing onstage. Somehow a very late night segued into a fantastic day; a matching of perfect weather with enjoyable classes and pleasant conversations with attractive women in university cafeterias. Oh, and Chicken & Avocado croissants. Nice.

You people are sick

To the people googling “free grandmother porn” and “nikki webster mp3” and finding your way to my site, I am truly sorry. You will find none of that here, now go back to your shanties.

Oh, the ugly too.

Addendum to today’s post proclaiming today “practically perfect in every way” (Mary Poppins style): Kylie’s Confide in Me (from the album of the same name) came on the radio today, which is a good thing in my opinion. Sure, I may not be a fan (detractor would be a more accurate term), but this song is easily her best work and ranks as the only Kylie Minogue song I actually like. I’m guessing that this one-off appreciation of her music has something to do with the fact that she didn’t write most of the stuff on that album… so it isn’t tediously poppy.

Somebody at Nova clearly shares my opinions on the matter, since I hear Confide in Me probably twice a week, which is twice more than anything else is Kylie’s back-catalogue. A practice I wholeheartedly endorse.