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Reloaded: terrible

Do not see it. That is all I can say on the matter.

Remember how the original the Matrix was a shitty film made spectacular by astounding special effects? Remember how, back in 1999, the CG and film technique (see: 360º camera trick, bullet time, et al) was unlike anything we’d ever seen on the big screen and it blew us away? Yeah, the Matrix: Reloaded is just like that… except that was four years ago, and those once–mind–boggling special effects are now commonplace; leaving you unimpressed and ten bucks the poorer.

Nothing new or groundbreaking in the visual effects department, still a shitty plot, still a shitty cast (though Harold Perrineau Junior remains a personal favorite for playing Mercutio in Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo + Juliet) and nothing god–damned new.

As I said, do not see it. You’re wasting your time, your money, and you’re encouraging this kind of shit from future generations of terrible directors/screenwriters/actors. Thank you and goodnight.


Admittedly, despite my intentions to redesign this site it has fallen by the wayside somewhat. Up until tonight I’d only tested in Camino 0.7, Safari Beta 2 and Internet Explorer (Mac) 5.2.2 which isn’t what anyone would call “comprehensive”.

As is always the case in the wee, wee hours of the morn: Garth is asleep. This means I have no access to my PC and thus no access to IE6/Win. I know from experience that Netscape and Mozilla for Windows will be fine, and so will Opera 7 for Windows. Fiona tells me that the page looks like ass in IE5/Win, and quite honestly it doesn’t look so hot in IE for Mac, but most surprising is the fact that it looks perfectly normal in Opera 6 for Mac.

Opera is a browser I’ve never liked. Until version 7 (for Windows, since such a version is currently nonexistent for Mac) it mangled every page I’ve ever coded. The fact that it renders this iteration of properly is somewhat… intriguing. I’m not complaining, it’s quite a pleasant feeling, it’s just unusual for me. Omniweb 4.2 and iCab 2.9 absolutely destroy this page, but that’s to be expected. Future versions of Omniweb are on the way and boast the KHTML rendering library at their core — something that can only be good for us code–bunnies. iCab? Who can tell?

A new entry

Just tested this site in IE6/Win and IE4/Win… let’s just say that IE6 treats it roughly the same as IE5/Mac (that is, acceptably) and IE4 treats is roughly the same as Omniweb 4.2 (that is, terribly).

Of course, IE4 testing is completely pointless. To date, the number of IE4 sightings in the stat logs remains at zero and I don’t see that number increasing any time soon. Ditto to Omniweb. IE6/Win and IE5/Mac, however, are another story. I may just need to work on that.

To those that haven’t been here in a while and are seeing some wholly–unstyled shizzit, you’re either using a stone–age browser (circa 1995) or you have old cookies set. Try some fresh Orange jive.