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You’d be surprised how much shopping can be fit into a one–hour lunch break (dinner break) at 7PM on a Thursday night. It helps if your meal can be carried with you, say… a jaffle pie for instance, but it’s not necessary by any means. Today was the day I finally broke the barrier on my credit debt; it took a whole lot longer than anticipated due to laziness, a lack of goals, and a bunch of bills, but I feel it’s time to buy myself a little something to show me how much I mean to me.

First stop: Telstra Shop. I’ve been considering the purchase of a digital camera for some time now, largely due to the fact that iPhoto is a wholly–neglected application on my computer and that I never take photos because I can never be bothered having them developed. One thing that Scotty has shown me is just how incredibly valuable a digital still camera can be, and I seek to fill that still–photo void in my life.

Rather than acting like any rational, normal adult and shopping around for cameras I decided to check out the camera attachments available for my phone first; an accessory for an accessory. Mike got the attachment free with his T300, and it takes a reasonable photo (at 0.3 megapixels; but hell, all my photos are likely bound for the web anyways), but it turns out my T68i has a lower screen resolution than the T300 and has inferior imaging software. Fantastic. The long and short of it: any photos taken with my phone will likely suck ass, and possibly have a maximum resolution of 0.15 megapixels. Hooray for cameraphones. The price tag for this camera attachment? $299.

Second stop: Kodak. After that disappointment, I went to see what was on offer in the realm of normal digital cameras. As it turns out, $299 will get me a 2.0 megapixel Kodak. Then again; it’s a large, ungainly camera that wouldn’t fit in the pocket of even my baggiest of pants. Being utterly disappointed overall, I decide to leave cameras for another day and possibly sell my SLR before looking into digital again.

Third stop: Dymocks. Being on track to start a Computer Science degree next year, I’m interested in teaching myself a few basics of C; mostly so I can (finally) get started on teaching myself a little Objective–C, but also because it’s nice to be head of the class. As it would turn out, none of my local book stores carry books on C. Damnit. C++? Sure. C#? Definitely. I guess I’ll just have to wait until next year.

Fourth stop: Big W. Dragging my feet, I wandered the mall looking for somewhere that might sell something I might be interested in. Karrinyup is, by and large, a fashion mall. It’s 90% fashion stores, 3% food court, and 7% ‘other’; which means 99% of my shopping must be done in 7% of the stores. That’s not a ratio I’d wish upon anybody. Big W falls into the category of ‘other, and had the collected Chronicles of Narnia on sale. It had Lucky Bamboo too… but I didn’t think today was much of a day for Lucky Bamboo.

I ended up buying a tube of cookie dough, which I guess is all the reward I need.

What in the hell?

I was just reading the post titled ebenezer that I linked in my last entry. What the fuck was I thinking when I wrote that? 1¢ per milliliter? That would make a liter of Coke “good value” for $10. I guess it applies in some places… and others not.