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Step away from your computer for five minutes…

I missed Jerkcity’s fifth anniversary. I’m a terrible, terrible, ass–licking whore. I know. I mean, here I am celebrating Gizmodo’s first anniversary and I can’t even sit at my computer for a lousy couple of days to celebrate another? For shame.

In other words, I’m kinda pissed (but also kinda giddy) about the fact that I haven’t had a day off since last Tuesday, and that situation doesn’t look to be changing until some time next weekend. Being ‘between jobs’ (and I mean that in a “I’ve started work at my new job before I my two weeks’ notice of resignation at the old job is up” way, not in an “unemployed” way) is a little exhausting.

Given the amount of time I’ve been spending at work, I’ve been loathe to spend too much time at my computer… which is in itself a little like working. It means I have a backlog of important shit I should write about, but it also means that my ass has had time to reacquaint itself with the couch. You see, one of my roommates likes to rent videos, and I take great pleasure in watching said videos if they’re any good. I think I’ve watched American Beauty about four times this week; and yes, I’m quite aware that it’s Tuesday morning.