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Just a few hours ago I punched that little six–digit number into Woolworths’ (WA) Pty Ltd ’s biometric scanner for the last time. Confirming my fingerprint and signing off, I walked through the staff exit door. No fanfare, no handshake, just another face in the mélange of employees leaving the premises. At least I’ve never worked in a fast food restaurant, right?

I felt like I should’ve turned around, reminisced a little perhaps. But honestly, after four years of thankless grunt work, would you? Four years… christ. That’s a fifth of my life we’re talking about. I’m not even sure I’ve ever spent that much time living in the same house, let alone with the same woman. Just another chapter of my life closed, I guess.

In the last month I’ve moved house, changed jobs, and broken up with my long–time girlfriend, Fiona. Pretty soon I’ll be redesigning this web site, and you know that’s the herald of something new.

Forward ho.