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The recently–released Salling Clicker 2.0 is an impressive step forward. It adds a great deal of sensible and powerful options, and makes adjustments to Clicker’s overall behavior and interface that can only be described as… well… good.

Unfortunately for Clicker, Bluetooth is a real drain on battery power; so much so that I’ve taken to just leaving my Clicker menus unpublished. While this technique saves on battery, it really defeats the purpose of having a remote control for you Mac.

Linky dinks

Late night hack’n’slash action deep within the bowels of my Movable Type templates means I’ve ‘mini–tabbed’ the main navigation bar of the site. There is more to come, no doubt, but for now I feel I must sleep.

In the interest of having more than two sections to my site, I’ve added a links department. It’s more–or–less just a little recognition for all the people that make my time online entertaining… without going to the trouble of starting a blogroll. It’s currently unstyled and completely unattractive, but it’s a start. That’s why we call them redesigns. Reload at will.

I can’t believe I just did that

On a whim, I downloaded and installed Henrik Gemal’s Acronym Plugin for Movable Type; simply because I think auto–describing acronyms is great.

Of course, it didn’t stop there. I made a few changes to the plugin so that it would write <abbr> tags instead of <acronym> tags; and while I appreciate that IE/Win doesn’t support <abbr> tags, I don’t it as a problem for its users. It’s more like a perk for people using better browsers. At the same time, given that most of todays ‘acronyms’ aren’t really acronyms at all (acronyms form a pronounceable word… like QANTAS or ANZAC) and the <acronym> tag is looking to be stricken from XHTML 2.0, I think it’s high time we embraced our <abbr>eviated friends.

Again, it didn’t stop there. I searched my MT archives for <acronym> tags, dutifully removing them and filling in the gaps in my abbreviations database. It’s taken far longer than it should’ve, and it really didn’t need doing in the first place, but god damnit it was worth it.