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And so…

After much tinkering/tooling and much convolution introduced to my style sheets, we have a little something new! If you’re in any part of any department at any time, you’ll notice that not only does the mini–tab and header graphic reflect that fact, but the sub–mini–tab–tab will tell you exactly where you are within that tab. Confused? Awesome.

The abridged version? The hierarchical structure of this site is now visually represented by the navigation toolbar, it is no longer merely implicit.

Yes, I appreciate the fact that the only two sub–navigatory links available at this very moment are ‘view this week’s entries’ and ‘subscribe’ (both within the ‘weblog’ department), but that is due to grow and change without notice. The important thing is that I made the subscriptions page visible to those who never knew I had RSS feeds. Browsers currently tested to be displaying this website perfectly (or close enough to be forgivable) are:

Browsers currently posing choking hazard to small children include:

And now I must sleep, for tomorrow is Father’s Day. And that means it’s “Help Your Parents Renovate Their House Day”… if only because it’s implied I should do something nice for Dad on his special day.

PS — the W3C Validators are back to normal. Go about your business as usual, please.