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Me? Nothing

I hate, and I mean hate, the “I’m not doing anything interesting” ‘blogging about how I have nothing to blog’ culture that spawns on the damp floor of LiveJournal’s bathroom… but I have something to tell you.

I’m not doing anything interesting.

Working six to seven days a week in a variety of jobs, while economically inviting and exciting in a “finally! my credit card shall be purged of its sins” kinda way, makes for a boring, boring social life. Toss in a little “all my friends are studying for final exams” and a little “Paris Hilton’s sexcapades is the most interesting news item this week” and it makes for some disinteresting shit.


Saying “I’m not doing anything” is, of course, patently untrue; it’s just that this week has brought very little worth comment. On the boring hand, I’ve been spending a my spare time toying with AppleScript and PHP again. AppleScript is nice, but I get the feeling I’ll have to spend a little more time on it before it becomes really useful to me. I’ve built a simple (read: raw) little application that launches the contents of my ‘Comics et al’ tab group in separate windows. Exposé has rendered tabbed browsing (and other such MDI) useless to me, and I wish to embrace it. For those sad few RSS–free sites I must check manually for updates, this is my solution.

I’ve also started a new project in PHP… the details of which I shall shroud in mystery until I launch it. You might find it useful, you might not. Time will tell. Mysterious, aren’t I? I bet you’re wetting yourself with the suspense.