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A Perfect Circle

Went to see A Perfect Circle on Friday last, and was greatly impressed. For weeks prior to the show, rumors abounded that Maynard wouldn’t be showing his face at the gig (as was the case at the Tool concert a few years ago), and the big box–o–fabric we saw upon entering the pavilion made my heart sink… the rumors were true. But hey, two songs into the set he had obviously determined that we were worthy, and the shroud was lifted. Good to see.

There isn’t much you can say about a band like A Perfect Circle other than “Wow”. Between Messrs Howerdel, Keenan, Freese, Iha, and White, there’s enough star power to light a small country, and enough talent to makes a grown man cry. But unlike Tool (comparisons will be made, and I can’t help that), they seem less like an extravaganza and more like a ‘real’ band.

I remember, at the aforementioned Tool concert, a gigantic projected AV display flipping through snippets of CG film sequences and their video clips. Naked (and shaven) acrobats wandered about the stage and climbed ropes, and one Maynard James Keened stayed behind a screen all night; hidden from view but for a soft silhouette. There was very little talking between songs, and indeed it was one of the most fantastic and surreal concerts I’ve ever been to, but it wasn’t band–y. A Perfect Circle chatted between songs, and talked to the crowd; played impromptu ditties and generally fucked around — and for a band, that’s important. They are human, after all.

The only downside to the whole event is the massive number of people I see out and about in brand new ‘Circle tour t–shirts. Here’s a hint: tour shirts rarely look any good, are incredibly expensive, and do nothing but prove to everybody that you care enough about that band to have paid for a ticket to their concert. Wahoo. Of all the band shirts and tour shirts I own, I only ever wear one; and I didn’t buy it. Fiona bought it for herself; and since it happens to fit me rather nicely, is an attractive shade of blue, and pays homage to a festival rather than an individual band, I stole it from her.

Well, exchanged it. She has a tendency to hoard my jumpers and jackets during the winter, so I figured I should get something in return.