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Little bits

It’s raining outside. Raining. I’m not sure how, but it would seem that the Weather Witch has forgotten what city this is. It really isn’t supposed to rain at all.

PulpFiction looks interesting, and would appear to succeed with the Apple–Mail–like interface where Shrook v1.x failed. The bevy of features on display is well worth investigating… but the proof, as they say, will be in the pudding. Per–feed custom stylesheets (and templates!) will be a big deal, and I mean big, to a lot of people. It deals with the ol’ faceless feed issue with the least negative impact — by putting the customization in the hands of the user. Still, average–Joe–end–user doesn’t know or care enough about the nuances of WebKit, HTML, and CSS to write his own styles, so expect bloggers to post templates and CSS files to their blogs with the tagline “Customize my feeds in PulpFiction!”. Looking forward to May 15.

Likewise, NetNewsWire’s future is looking bright; and I’ll be keen to see what comes of this increased competition in the newsreader space. More than that, I’d like to see NetNewsWire make a go of the iTunes–like/Finder–like interface and succeed where Shrook v2.0 failed (and also deal with its current case of preference–itis), but I’m not sure that will happen. No tentative release date for the NNW upgrade, but since it’s a freebie, Erik will have to be patient for my money: wait until Pulp and Wire have duked it out proper before you lay down your credit card.

Ross Noble is a comic genius. I rarely have time for stand–up comics, given their propensity for being tragically unfunny, but Fiona dragged me to Noble’s show last night and I laughed for two solid hours. Maybe it’s the format —perhaps improv just doesn’t translate too well to television— but watching him live, standing four feet away from me, almost killed me. Front row kicks ass, and the experience makes me wish I’d gone to see Dave Hughes when he was in town; even on television Hughes is great, so I can only imagine what he’d be like live.

Quicksilver was much appreciated when it first came out, but since the LaunchBar v4 betas started popping up, I haven’t touched it. It had a lot of cool features for its time, and it’s free, but the interface is painful and I’ve already paid for LaunchBar anyway. The only thing Quicksilver does that I wish LaunchBar would do is let me switch users from the keyboard.

Proteus v4 is shaping up to be something worth buying… if I hadn’t bought Proteus back at v2. I’m still confused as to why Justin keeps upping the major version number when even some of the most basic features of IM are still absent —without group chat and without file transfer, this shouldn’t even be a 1.0 product— but the update is appreciated nonetheless. I’m actually using IM again.

Just this weeked I learned an important lesson about leaving assignments to the last minute; it ain’t cool. All throughout high school (and all throughout college, incidentally) I breezed through assignments the night before they were due; sometimes the morning they were due. It never caused me any problems and I, stupidly, came to believe that I didn’t need to study; that I didn’t need to do anything about assignments until the moment they were due. The weekend taught me differently. Operant conditioning at its finest.

  1. Subject doesn’t attempt his three separate assignments until Friday the 16th, though he knows all assignments are due on Monday the 19th.
  2. Subject starts assignment one on Friday the 16th, at 10:00PM.
  3. Subject doesn’t finish assignment one until 6:00AM on Monday the 19th, and has had very little sleep all weekend.
  4. Subject loses marks for those other assignments he didn’t get to doing.
  5. Subject learns not to pull that shit again in the future.

We’ll see if the lesson sticks.