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You’d be surprised how much time one might devote to the tweaking of one’s backend… particularly when it doesn’t make a scrap of difference to the end user. Pages are now 98% static, and don’t rely on mod_rewrite to turn a jumble of PHP includes into an actual website. Dropping most of the PHP means Unicode characters can actually be used now, and dropping mod_rewrite means I can finally use trackbacks. Remarkable, the workflow that binds our expression.

In the transition, I replaced all the numeric entities in my archives with their proper Unicode counterparts. The results are… interesting. Wait, no. The other one. Tedious.

Seven hundred ellipses. Four thousand apostrophes. My god. The fact that the number of opening and closing double–quotes doesn’t match is a little disturbing. Did I just forget that I’d started to put something in quotes? Maybe they were just half–hearted air–quotes. We’ll never know.

A quick checkup on the lonely ‘ö’ in the list tells use that Sascha Höhne has changed RAD.E8’s logo back to the good one, and has converted his previously–100%–flash portfolio into a crisp, clean, valid XHTML/CSS website. I couldn’t be more pleased.

And now back to the backend.