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Nite night

We here at decaffeinated dot org (or, as the case may be, me here at decaffeinated dot org) do cordially extend to you an invitation to the Perth Blognite tomorrow night, October 27, at 6:30 in the PM. Despite sounding roughly analogous to one of the venerated meetups, I swear to you it is nothing of the kind; it’s a whole new animal and I do suggest that non–bloggers and the blog–curious attend. Myself and seven of my eager compatriots will be espousing the value of weblogs —and all the funky shit one might do with a weblog— at Curtin University’s Norm Dufty Lecture Theatre; with podiums and half–time entertainment and a podcast for non–attendees. As I understand it, the event is a kind of water–tester for a larger blogger conference next year — no doubt the first of its kind in Australia. Hell, Graeme’s reporting with some conviction that tomorrow night’s programme is the first of its kind in Australia too; something that makes me feel all warm and tingly inside… like a pioneer. Also like tequila shooters.

Attention from the legitimate press is always encouraging, and amusingly enough I’m speaking last, which from my rock’n’roll glory days tells me I’m the headline act and that everybody is just waiting through the support acts for me to take the stage… but in reality it can mean only one of two things. The crowd will be either:

  1. totally pumped and super–psyched
  2. dwindling… rubbing their eyes and yawning from time to time.

Two possibilities, one slightly better than the other; my preference is obvious. For reasons I’ve been unable to discern, registration is required (or at least requested) of attendees; so for registration and some more accurate information regarding tomorrow evening’s events you’d best check the blognite site. I’ll be discussing blog–friendly APIs and rich client software; a subject which might be considered a little ‘dry’ for the layman, so I dutifully pledge to try and keep it moist. Plus, since we each only speak for ten minutes, max, the incentive to keep things sharp and interesting is high (not that the thought of boring a roomfull of scholars and journalists isn’t incentive enough), so come check us out.