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It’s good to be sweating again. Sweating in the glorious late heat of March before what is effectively my third winter in a row descends upon us. I missed the better part of this summer because of that whole “world travel” business —freezing my buns off in some very nice, but still incredibly cold, parts of the globe— so it’s nice to be cleaning the house clad only in a pair of board shorts, ducking outside occasionally for a quick dip in the spa.

Yes, I’m back in Australia, and have been for three weeks now. I haven’t finished writing about the trip, of course, and I do plan to finish up my posts on Rome and London before jotting down a few reflective notes on the nature of travel, et cetera et cetera, but the motivation is hard to come by and (honestly) I needed a break from writing about that stuff. Fret not, I haven’t been stuck in Florence for a month — just sidetracked.