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Thank you Apple

For a while there we figured that, since iTunes 4.9’s podcast browsing would be handled inside the Music Store, we poor schlubs in non-iTMS countries would have to go without.

You did the right thing. Roll on.

Last Man Standing

If you live down under, chances are you’ve already heard of Last Man Standing, a kind of Australian Sex and the City… for blokes.

The bar for Australian comedy-cum-drama* was set pretty high a few years ago by the Secret Life of Us, so the newcomer has some big shoes to fill, even if one isn’t exactly warranted in putting the two side by side. Last Man Standing’s focus —the day-to-day misadventures of a bunch of straight, white, single, twentysomething middle-class males— is obviously a little narrower than Secret Life’s… but the perils of working in an industry that isn’t exactly flooded with local product ensure the comparison. And believe me, comparisons will be made. I caught the pilot a few weeks back, and though I came away feeling it needed a lot of work, I figured it was worth a second look.

It was. Monday nights have just become my one night of TV-induced sloth per week, as subsequent episodes have shown some fresh, funny writing; and given their 9:40PM start time, they’re allowed to take the kind of liberties with language and sexual content the prime-timers can’t (putting it in perspective: as much as I love Lost, the fact that nobody swears actually gets under my skin. A man is blown to shreds with dynamite and all anyone can say is that it was “messed up”? Fuck!). It’s very decent, check it out.

*If I hear you say ‘dramedy’ I will fucking kill you.