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Improbable iPod peripherals, Part 2

It was some eighteen months ago that I unleashed the Quietune onto the world, and since that day tech companies have been beating down my door for the rights to such a fabulous invention with such a strong market demand, so I figured it needed a sequel. Well, not it. But you know… things. Things needed a sequel.

When I’m at home I use a wireless keyboard and mouse with my 12" PowerBook —itself perched on a nifty laptop stand— to bring the tiny computer somewhere within the realms of the ergonomically sound. What’s neat about this setup is that I can, at any time, just pick the laptop up and move it elsewhere: whether I’m moving to the living room or slipping it into its glove before dropping it into my bag, the wireless keyboard, mouse, and internet make for a no-plugs experience.

The only downside to the wireless keyboard/mouse combo are the batteries: both have a nasty electricity habit they just can’t kick, and a pack of six new AA-size batteries every three months (more often if you buy shitty batteries) isn’t the most economical way to interface with your computer.

Get ready for something that looks exactly like your iPod power adapter, or maybe your Airport Express… This is where the Freewire™ Bluetooth USB adapter comes into play.

Yes, it’s a powered USB hub. With Bluetooth. Plug in your standard Apple Pro Keyboard, plug in your Mighty Mouse, or plug in your camera (if you’re masochistic. Bluetooth still has a very low data rate), pair the Freewire™ hub with your computer, and tap your afternoons away in semi-wireless bliss. The power consumption is actually worse than your other battery-powered options, but a few cents tacked onto your electricity bill every month is practically invisible compared to the inconvenience of buying batteries. And when you buy batteries you have to go to a store. A store! Great for machines with a shortage of USB ports.

But there’s just one more thing…

Upgrade to the Freewire™ Extreme™ Plus™ 802.11g USB adapter to WiFi-enable your USB hub. Distinct from its Bluetooth-enabled cousin this wireless device isn’t just faster, it allows you to serve any connected device to the entire network! Plug in your external hard drive for instant network storage, connect your iPod for shared music, or jack in your printer, scanner, fax, VoIP handset, mug warmer, ‘lectric pianny, or surveillance camera for whatever wacky WiFi fantasies you’d like fulfilled.

So g’head. Make my day.

(Note: Freewire™ Extreme™ Plus™ 802.11g USB adapter may indeed just be an Airport Express with updated firmware. This doesn’t make it any less appealing. Do not cease with the going ahead and the making of my day.)