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The world through the eyes of a…

Anna is an engineering friend of mine —an electrical engineer, not a software engineer, though she has suffered through her share of assembly programming— who is soon to begin a semester on exchange at Purdue. She’s in Disneyland right now, and obviously enjoying herself, but what is most amusing about her description of the place is the engineering bent she places on it all. She marvels at those little things that we in other lines of work would soon overlook.

[T]here are countless rides based on a Disney movie or theme, all with incredible details put into them, each character, each object is perfectly designed to be perfectly incredibly like… WOW… What an amazing piece of engineering really. What strikes me is the perfect working order of everything, each little character waves exactly in time, the line moves at suprisingly ‘fast’ pace due to the great number of instructions everywhere.

By the same token, Jason takes a moment to reflect on his own profession during his trip to see The Mouse:

Sure, a cartoonist in a cartoon land for a day should be like a kid in a candy shop, but it’s really something you could do any number of times and still enjoy yourself.

We found a couple of caricaturists in the New Orleans section of the park and they were really excellent. Very interesting to watch them working in colour.

Engineer remarks on Disneyland’s feats of engineering. Cartoonist remarks on their feats of cartooning (?). Same place, different perspective; that really is the wonder of blogs. I’ve never been to Disneyland, though I shudder to think what I’d write about if I did it tomorrow. Hopefully not software. Do they sell beer?


My brother just emailed me to remind me that he’s a medical scientist; the implication being that he would likely find reason to blog about sputum and urine and feces and whatnot if he were in Disneyland. Delightful.