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Gathering dust

Digging through ~/Documents, I recently turned up a(n exceedingly) short review of a book I bought one day on my lunch break, almost five years ago.

The review was written pre-blogging, so it clearly wasn’t intended for you guys, and though I can’t imagine who it would’ve been intended for it seems like it’d be a laff to post it here now anyhow.

If you bought this book at any time during the last five years, I apologize for not posting this sooner. I could’ve warned you.

www.layout — Don’t judge a book by its cover

Even when the book’s cover is very pretty.I’m frequently tempted by books, especially design books. They look like they know something I don’t. Unfortunately for www.layout (and for my sixty bucks) that was not the case. I’d never picked up a book in the Design Directories series before, so lets just say that when I saw the words “effective design and layout for the world wide web” printed on the front cover, I was expecting a book that had something to do with effective design and layout for the world wide web. Lesson learned.

If you’ve been using the internet for longer than three months, and you don’t need to visit Webopaedia to look up “multimedia”, “world wide web”, or “HTML” then you’re already too advanced for this book. Sorry. Next time I’m tempted by a shiny hardcover on the racks at Dymocks, I’ll check first to see if it’s going to teach me something, or show me something worthwhile, rather than talking at length about nothing in particular and becoming and embarrassing dust collector on my bookshelf.

Rejected Title
www.bandwagon, an introduction to Microsoft Frontpage for people who heard that the internet was the next big thing.
High Points
On the back cover there are five (5) rock-solid tips for good page design.
Low Points
Inside the book there are eighty-one (81) pages of appalling gobshite, written on an eighth-grade level for design newbies.
Saving Grace
One hundred (100) pages of decent-looking designs, snapped right from the world wide web and printed here for your viewing pleasure!