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x86 Vs PPC

There’s a great article by Nicholas Blachford over at OSNews investigating the technical differences between x86 CPUs (famously produced by Intel and AMD, arguably the most popular PCs in the world) and PowerPCs, Apple’s architecture of choice.

Over the last few years we’ve come to appreciate the fact that clock speed is not the be–all–and–end–all of computer performance. Even if you’re a “Macs suck” kinda guy, you have to acknowledge that a 1.8GHz Centrino can kick a 3GHz Pentium 4’s ass… whether you can explain it or not. Talk to your parents, talk to my parents (if yours aren’t techno–retarded enough), they’ll probably stumble a bit before asking “how can something that’s slower be faster?” It’s that whole damned ‘megahertz myth’ again; read the article, be informed.

Good riddance

Some time last month I noticed something a little odd in decaf’s log files. No, it wasn’t an abundance of search queries for “I wish Chris Clark would shut up and die” (though if it were, I would assume it to be related to the NewsChannel 5 anchorman of the same name), it was a lonely little IP address by the name of… hitting my site hundreds of times a day.

Once every two minutes, 16 hours a day, checks my front page. It’s not following any links, so it’s technically not spidering the site, and though it might be watching the site it’s a little tough to comprehend why. After all, it appears to belong to an investment brokerage by the name of Bristol & West, hosted by BT Internet… so what the hell do they want? Since I’m not sure I care to find out; I cast thee out with the wonder of mod_rewrite and the help of Mark Pilgrim. It’s a strangely liberating feeling, this; though I’m sure it becomes tedious the more you need to do it. It’s one more reason I’m glad my blog isn’t horrendously popular.


I mentioned not too long ago that my roommates and I have been househunting of late, trying to find the perfect house filling vague criteria of rentworthiness. After days (days!) of searching, our prayers have been answered with the discovery of a four–bedroom, one–bathroom (no more en suite for yours truly), polished–floorboard beauty. Air conditioning, no lawn, plenty of room, and noticeably less “don’t touch anything, it might break” than the place we’re living in now. Though I might’ve protested against the “niceness” of our current digs before, I guess it’s just the wrong kind of nice; the new place is our kind of nice.

We only looked at it for the first time this morning and, expressing our approval, let Paula (of Spraggon George Realty, I highly recommend them) handle the rest. Consequently, we’ll be moving house in just 15 days. Which means I need to have the DSL transferred. Shit.