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I mentioned not too long ago that my roommates and I have been househunting of late, trying to find the perfect house filling vague criteria of rentworthiness. After days (days!) of searching, our prayers have been answered with the discovery of a four–bedroom, one–bathroom (no more en suite for yours truly), polished–floorboard beauty. Air conditioning, no lawn, plenty of room, and noticeably less “don’t touch anything, it might break” than the place we’re living in now. Though I might’ve protested against the “niceness” of our current digs before, I guess it’s just the wrong kind of nice; the new place is our kind of nice.

We only looked at it for the first time this morning and, expressing our approval, let Paula (of Spraggon George Realty, I highly recommend them) handle the rest. Consequently, we’ll be moving house in just 15 days. Which means I need to have the DSL transferred. Shit.