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The beginning

College is back in session. After a breezy 5 week holiday, waking up at 7 or 8 AM is murder. No new G4’s in class as promised, which isn’t really surprising, and (at first check) I have no demented lecturers this semester. This is my final semester here at West Coast College of TAFE, so in 20 weeks time I’ll walk out of here with some kind of certificate, or something. After that, who knows. Whether I get a job or throw myself into university again for further “education”, I’ll have to decide later.

Stayed at Fiona’s last night and don’t have class until 2:30, which would be a pretty sweet deal if I didn’t have to be at work at 6... giving me about 20 minutes of rest between class and further toil. As I write this, it’s just after 2:00 PM. I have this nasty habit where I’d rather be half an hour early than five minutes late, especially for class. Fiona is the opposite, but you know what they say about opposites.

This morning was a gift-a-thon extravaganza for Fiona’s sister, Marina, who turns 21 today (cue stupid song). After Marina was done receiving jewelry, a coffee machine, coffee (conveniently enough), and an assortment of novel crap, Fiona took charge of making the coffee for everyone, since she was the only person in the house with experience in that kind of thing. I’ve put last weekend’s bout of dribbly noses and cluster headaches behind me, swallowed a few billion pills, brushed my teeth and I’m back in the groove. Hopefully I can also make some progress on a couple of web projects close to my heart.