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So ashamed

Today I was looking through my CD collection, looking for stuff I haven’t listened to in a while (as you do), and happened upon Jagged Little Pill. I haven’t touched that kind of thing in, seriously, 5 or 6 years, so I gave it a spin and Oh! the memories!

It really is a good album, in places. Of course, some of it just sucks, and some of it makes me want to do bad things to women, but she honestly does have a talent -- even if I did walk out of her concert five minutes after she started playing. Harmonica and man-bashing aside, there are moments which one might call “inspired”.

I decided today that my taste in music is what you’d call “strange”. Too broad to be confined to the punk scene, too narrow to be considered diverse. Let’s just say I know what I like, and that few people have ever been able to engift me a CD that I didn’t seriously contemplate exchanging.