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Deceptively Simple

Last night at work, while discussing with Garth and Lee exactly what our respective plans for the future were, I made a startling decision. I want to go back to university.

For the uninformed — I was a Curtin student for about 5 months last year before I quit. Why did I quit after less than a semester? The course I was doing just wasn’t my bag. Parts of the course were definitely my bag — I really loved some of my Mass Communication core units, but Journalism and “Graphic Communication” (which, incidentally, was a year-long “introduction” to Photography) started to annoy me immensely. I have (and had) no desire to be a journalist! I only chose it because it was the best of a bad lot of electives — one of the infamous ‘List A’ subjects.

So I’m going back to uni. That’s the plan. But guess what? I’ll be doing the same degree. Why? Because now I'll choose my electives more carefully, I can get credit for the subjects that I did pass last year (by some freakish accident), and get even further credit for my college studies! On top of all this, I can get youth allowance and live like a king, working half the time I am right now!

I suppose there’s my motive right there — 3 more years within the safe confines of an educational institution — except this time I won’t be living at home and I will be getting youth allowance (also known as “get paid to study, because the government figures you’re not capable of fending for yourself and studying at the same time”).

In the mean time, my agenda is as such:

  1. Finish this year at college, walk out with Certificate IV of Interactive Multimedia and my sanity (it's remarkably mundane... but for some reason I need the “accreditation” to get a job)
  2. Fix Isaac (my poor, poor car), I’ll need him to commute
  3. Move in with Garth

The next few months are set to be interesting