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Pizza is the staple food of the new millennium, I’ll tell you that. We bought ten of the things when they went on special last week and it’s been happy muching since then. Sure, I’ll throw in the occasional tuna casserole to spice up my dietary intake of whatever, but all in all it’s pizza 3 meals a day.

If you’ve been lamenting my absence lately (Fiona in particular), I must say that it’s due to the ridiculous schedule I’ve been running lately. Somewhere between TAFE at 9AM-5PM (though sometimes interchangeable with CLEANING) and WORK 6PM-12AM, I haven’t been out much. GTA3’s popularity has finally waned, since the missions have started getting lame. Not harder, per se, but much much longer. And when a mission is longer, if you fail you just have to do it again. At least in GTA and GTA2 if you failed a mission that was it, no second chances. So it’s no longer occupying 5-6 hours of my time each night after work. That’s a good thing.

I jumped on the bandwagon and wrote a quiz at, and here it is. Now I must away to my parents place for cleaning followed by Woolworthing. Away!