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X-Tax Natural

It always amused me that my college, in its magnanimy, would buy brand new G4’s — dual processors, DVD-R, the whole shebang — and not install MacOS X. I’ve been aching to try X since it came out, but nobody I know (least of all me) has it. But finally: there, in the corner of room A050, sits a solitary Mac alive with Aqua. Needless to say, I had a good long fiddle (not that kind of fiddle, you filthy bastard) and I must say I’m in love. God damn I wish I had a spare $11000. I’d love a G4, a PowerBook, hell I’d take an iBook if I could, and I swear I’d treat it right, exercise it every day! But nay, I am but a poor student. Just to add to my computer woes, I’ve discovered in the last few hours that my new “natural” keyboard (which I was raving so frantically about) isn’t really that fantastic. I mean, if I were a typist or a monkey attempting the greatest work of fiction in the history of mankind, sure, it’d be great, but I’m not.

I don’t type heavily for nine hours a day, I frequently need to type one-handed (not just for that, you filthy bastard), and the whole thing just seemed too damn big. So yeah, I know, I’m a tool. The dude at PLE tells me I might get partial store credit on the return, assuming that it passes his rigorous inspections. But hell, the box is open - that’s a 10% fee right there, and if it’s evident that I’ve used the thing I get no love. Shite. The ATO dropped me my tax return in a record 5 days, for which I’m extremely grateful considering 2 of those days were a weekend, and this sudden influx of spending cash makes me feel less guilty about buying those new peripherals... even if I don’t get refundage on the keyboard. Bankwest approved a $3000 limit increase on my credit card, which freaks me out like nobody’s business, given that I am (as I said) a poor student. Then again, it’s nice to know that if I’m in a bind I have $3000 at my disposal. I just hope to hell I don’t spend it on beer or something.

My birthday edges ever closer, like a ravenous hound. So far I think my only suggestion on presents has been a lot of cans of auto paint... and I haven’t even picked a colour yet, which could prove fatal. Hell, I don’t even want this birthday, why do I have to make out some kind of list of things I’d like to celebrate said day? I’ll be moving back home the day before, working for 11 hours on the day itself, and I have no chance of throwing a party considering my parents’ current “between houses” status. Between houses. It’s like being between jobs, only less embarassing.