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It’s 2AM, I’m hopped up on NoDoz, and I’m about to attempt a really, really shitty assignment. Who but Shakil could assign such a shitty, shitty assignment? And for Instructional Design for fuck’s sake, the shittiest subject I’ve had all year! Admittedly, it’s only 2500 words or so, which is pissant compared to what we did (and will be doing next year) at university, but god damn. It’s also really, really cold, which only makes work more difficult. I thought it was spring! I thought I was looking forward to a pleasant 24 degrees! Why do you smite me, Gamblor? Why?

The Hoypoy, the man who craves more might get more than he bargained for. Since one of my favoured subjects this semester is Animation2D, in which we are required to create a cartoon character, I figure I might as well integrate word and picture and start a web comic. Everyone likes web comics, especially when they’re reactionary and cynical, so why the hell not. I figure I should start a cam portal too, since more and more people I know are acquiring digital cameras. It's not like it requires effort or anything.

It turns out that Bob the Angry Flower is actually a pretty decent comic. I’m surprised I never paid it any attention before now, seeing as how Adam Thrasher (of Space Moose fame) spoofed it in Bob the Turgid Phallus. Adorable.