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Tablets for the Old

I feel like an old person. Wait, older person, since we’ve been told “they’re not old, just older” by the government, “they’re useful for all kinds of things! Like knitting, and smelling funny, and taking up chairspace!”

I have a feeling I’ll pay for those comments later. My good friends at the karma council will see to that. After all, the reason I feel like an old person is because my knee is playing up... or should I call it my trick knee. Sometimes, when standing up from a semi-recumbent position (read: sitting), my knee screams out in pain as if the very joints were working against eachother to void my attempts to stand. It’s happened before, the first time during sex, which really harshed on my mellow (read: hurt like hell). But that was years ago, and recurrences have been few and far between until the last couple of days.

My latest PC peripheral purchase? Today I wasted a paycheck on a graphics tablet. This WACOM, actually. I decided on a Wacom because they come with such damn good references. But be damned if I got a mouse or a copy of Photoshop LE with it, damn TANG for their bastardry. Anyhow, I’m yet to do anything workable on it, since I figure I should master some kind of technique before applying it. For some reason, art feels more wholesome when created on a computer... which may or may not expose my supreme nerdiness. Oh well, web comicry here I come.