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Whatever happened to...

Perth Heat, the Western Reds, and the Western Warriors? It might just be that I don’t follow those sports at all (Baseball, Rugby and Cricket, respectively), but it seems that the only WA sports teams that get any recognition nowadays are of the football variety — that is, the West Coast Eagles and Perth Glory (Aussie Rules football and Soccer, respectively). Hell, even the Perth Wildcats, the heroes of my childhood, are curiously absent these days. I’m sure all these sporting teams are still somewhere, doing something worthwhile… maybe teaching under-9’s how to play, or clothing homeless people, but goddamnit where’s their press?

On an entirely unrelated note; how the hell do you get an iCal event to span more than one day without checking the “All-day event” box? Problem being that I have work tonight at 10pm until 5am tomorrow morning, and damned if iCal is letting me pencil that into my schedule.