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Re: the snow cock

This shit is making me sick. Penises are pornographic now?! Gee, for a moment there I thought that sexually explicit pictures, writing, or other material only becomes pornographic when its primary purpose is to cause sexual arousal. This cock is doing nothing to arouse anything but the ire of the neurotic feminists who’re quoted so much in that damned article. “As a feminist, pornography is degrading to women and creates a violent atmosphere” — Oh, sweet, so you’re justifying that you violently “dismantled” the snow-penis because pornography creates violence… not that we hadn’t already established that this dong does not constitute pornography. If snow-penises and other cocks are such “menacing reminders of women’s sexual vulnerability,” then I think it’s time these women reevaluate themselves. Damned social retards. This is the kind of inane clatter I expect from anybody who takes Women’s Studies as an elective. I sat in on a Women’s Studies lecture last year with some girl friends of mine — that whole damn course should be called “Hating Men 103: How & Why.” Although it turns out not everyone at Harvard is a maniac, the whole debate would be far less offensive to both sexes if the detractors weren’t all female, and the supporters weren’t all male. But I guess that’s the way the world works. Wonderful.