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I’ve never been the type to use filesharing clients, since you might say that I’m morally opposed to illegal music sharing (Good music and those that create it deserve my respect) and I’ve slowly become opposed to software piracy since migrating to the Macintosh platform, but today I downloaded Acquisition; an OS X file sharing app that connects to the GNUtella network, just like iMesh, Kazaa, Limewire, et cetera. Whether it was the shockingly poor software design of other clients that I’ve tested, or just the thought of spyware clogging up my system that kept me away from them, Acquisition totally blows all that away. No ads, no spyware, no shit. It’s a very clean, intuitive interface (this sounds like a plug, doesn’t it?) and it just works, which has been the drawcard of Mac OS X all along. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still thoroughly opposed to piracy, but P2P filesharing is arguably one of the internet’s greatest achievements, and is thoroughly useful for tracking down hard-to-find stuff… like quality porn.

Speaking of porn, I downloaded Tatu’s Running Through My Head video clip (I sleep on Saturday mornings, there is no chance in hell of me getting up to watch Rage or Video Hits) after Amy told me it was thoroughly hot, sexual and lesbian-filled. Turns out I got the Russian version (Ya soshla s uma), which I suppose features the same girls and roughly the same sequence… but hot it aint. That blonde girl looks like Nikki Webster, for Christ’s sake!