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Making the Switch

Time and time again I’ve been questioned as to why I switched to a Mac, and my standard, obviously well-thought-out response is “they’re just better”. I grew up with PC’s (running MS DOS, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME & Windows XP, respectively). That's most of my life I’ve been using them. I bought a Mac running Mac OS X after spending a year using Macs at TAFE (they were running Mac OS 9, but that’s a different story), and I just haven’t gone back. There is nothing that you can do on a PC that you can’t do on a Mac, and there is a shitload more that you can do. You never have to worry about drivers, or conflicts, or whatever the hell it is that PC users complain so much about; it just works. They’re built from the ground up with the end-user in mind, taking in user feedback along the way, and it shows.

My eMac may have cost me double what my PC cost me, but I’m smiling about it.