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Hit “refresh” in your browser window any time you like and there’s likely to be changes to the look of the site, since I decided that tonight was the night to scrap Movable Type’s default style sheets and start afresh. At this moment I’m toying with a variety of things, most notably the page heading.

Those of you that viewed the “returning soon” page at this domain over the last few months may have noticed that the “pretty spiffy” titling of “decaffeinated” was completely text-based and CSS–controlled. Then again many of you may not have; particularly IE5/Mac users, who saw nothing at the time and are currently experiencing some pretty funky layout errors, too. Never one to begrudge a browser (ha!), I’ll surely identify those problems in good time and perform a few Windows browser tests while I’m at it. For now though, I’m still toying and testing in Camino.

In reference to my pure-text heading (a styled <h1> element, with a similarly styled <p> laid atop to give the impression of shadowing); I’m wondering what the semantic impact of this technique is, exactly. Probably negligible, in which case it only reflects 2 things:

  1. That I am relentlessly anal about semantics, particularly when it comes to the old-school-favored method of using images instead of text.
  2. That text-shadow needs to be implemented by many browsers, pronto! Else I am forced to torture myself over minutiae forever.