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It turns out I was wrong (what, again?). Opera’s failure to work as expected with the JavaScript Style Sheet Switcher had nothing to do with the “non-java” version I downloaded. Actually, it’s quite capable of handling Javascript. As it turns out, my testing of the various abilities of the JSSSS wasn’t uniform. I hadn’t removed enough variables. It was downright unscientific. Take Jay Zee’s site (that’s Jeffrey Zeldman to you); it uses the JSSSS to switch between its white and orange styles, as well as a different JavaScript function for “Toggl(ing) Externals”, and Opera does a stand-up job handling it. Hit “Refresh”, though, and the style you chose is gone. Blammo.

This is startlingly inconsistent with A List Apart’s use of the JSSSS, where the fonts are controlled. The fonts stay on their selected setting, even through a refresh. This is especially puzzling considering that they use the same JSSSS code. Again, I abandon all hope of JavaScript offering any real functionality in life. My dilemma is solved; PHP switching will be installed come Tuesday.