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Amusement etc

LockerGnome linked a FireWire/USB2.0 shootout today. It’s funny because Firewire (rated at 400Mbps) routinely outdoes USB2.0 (rated at 480Mbps) and because the successor to Firewire, FireWire 800 (any guesses as to what the speed rating is?) was released by Apple not that long ago.

Elsewhere, at NSLog, we’re getting the kind of pre-release rumor-mongering that I’ve come to expect from my fellow Mac users. It seems like every time there’s word of a new this or that; the rumor mill goes into total overdrive. Not that I’m complaining, I find it all very amusing. I remember back just before Steve Jobs’ last MacWorld keynote speech (the one where he announced the 12" and 17" Powerbooks) there was wild speculation over a possible iPod2 (with video playback!) and an iTablet. That shit was getting press, in real magazines. Personally, I can’t wait for Mac OS X 10.3, whether it has a new filesystem, textured interface, or a big fuckin’ dogcow on startup.