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The always-entertaining Melbourne International Comedy Festival screened tonight if you didn’t already know; and all I can say is “quality, quality, quality”. Year after year I am impressed by this gala event (now hosted by Dave Hughes; in a Billy-Crystal-hosting-the-Oscars kinda way) and this year even Wil Anderson managed to make me laugh. That’s a first for Anderson despite his daily breakfast-radio gig. Only three female performers, which is a little disappointing, though none of them resorted to classic “comedienne fallbacks” like talking about their boobs or vaginas.

This is a good thing

Boobs and vaginas are all very well and good, mind you, but when they can officially be called a funnygirl staple then we’re bordering on the kind of asinine claptrap I expect from 80’s male comedians… talking about how much money their wife spends, or how much time she spends getting ready to go out. You know what I’m talking about.

Meanwhile, I’ve begun formulating a very complex theory relating to productivity in the workplace — and by workplace I mean my desk. The amount of work done (whether it be assignments, research, coding, or the ubiquitous “other”) is directly proportionate to the amount of cola ingested. My complete lack of advancement in any personal projects or university-related work over the last week has finally found a cause; not laziness or attention deficit, simply caffeine deprivation. Although, to be sure, access to ritalin/dexies would be nice.