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Ack! Stereotype! Stereotype!

Over the last few weeks I’ve watched more movies than I have in the last year. Weekly trips to the local Greater Union have become par for the course and videos have become increasingly common. Particularly since the accident, the last couple of days have been such that we (ie– my immediate group of friends and I) have stuck together like proverbial glue and have barely been out of each other’s sight. We’ve been watching videos and eating out together and sitting by the beach, which does a great deal to take our minds off the tragedy at hand, but it’s a little sad that it’s taken something like this to get us all together again.

Watching Donnie Darko tonight, Mike’s Mum drew parallels between Donnie and myself. Thanks. Thinking about it; I seem to fall into a very easily–defined, stereotyped (stereotyped both physically and in terms of personality) category of white male. Yes I know I’m a geek, though in this case that definition falls to the sideline. It’s something even more specific than that.

I’m Lucas from Empire Records. I’m Ricky from American Beauty. Donnie Darko from… you know. I’m every quiet, thoughtful, Nice–Guy–with–a–fucked–up–haircut ever to grace the silver screen. It’s a flattering category to be placed in (*cough* *cough*) and apparently these guys always get the girl, but I wish I could abandon that stereotype from time to time. Buying (and using) a video camera has only made comparisons between myself and “the guy from American Beauty” more common, particularly when it comes to strangers, so I’m glad I don’t work in a record store (as cool as that would be) and equally glad I’m not a hallucinating, time–traveling weirdo. I’m just a geek, gimme a break.