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Browser wars rage on in my mind

Only a week ago I was talking shit about switching to Safari, and suddenly I’m drawn back to the cradle–like hold of Camino. Don’t ask me, I’m insane.

Download the latest nightly build; there has been sufficient change since version 0.7’s release to please even the stodgiest of stodges. Bookmark handling is still ugly and nightmarish; but a few solid feature additions have fanned the embers of my one–time Camino romance back into flame. Popup blocking now (at last) features a whitelist (something Safari is begging for) and also allows you to prevent sites from changing your browser window’s size and orientation. A Google search bar (more–or–less identical to Safari’s) is now available, but goes one step further for minimalist–browser–dudes such as myself.

You see, I don’t like browsers: on the whole, they’re exceedingly ugly and I’d really just like them to get the hell out of my way so I can browse web sites. With both Safari and Camino, I’ve gone out of my way to hide the navigation bar: it’s very minimalistic, and you know how I love that shit. This works fine for a person such as myself who can happily browse using just the keyboard; occasionally hitting Command–L if I need to type an address manually (or to check where the hell I am). Camino handles Command–L URL entry very elegantly: dropping a sheet down for your typing pleasure. If you’ve just hit Command–L just to check where you are, or perhaps to copy/paste your current location to a blog entry, you can hit Escape to dismiss the sheet. The addition of the Google search bar means that you can hit Command–Shift–F to be treated to a similarly–styled search sheet. Very nice. Safari is not so poised, not so elegant. Command–L drops down the whole navigation bar: buttons, URL entry, Google search, the whole kit–n–kaboodle. Sure, that’s OK for URL entry or Google searching… but if you’re just using it to copy/paste your current location there is just no easy way to dismiss that motherfucker. Command–Shift–|?? That’s on the other side of the fucking keyboard!

I find it supremely amusing how these little UI differences get me so riled up and tip the balance of my browser–favoritism so regularly. One day, though, when Camino’s bookmark handling isn’t so half–assed I will swear my unwavering allegiance for real. Autofill would be nice too, but hey… open source projects move slowly. Like a glacier. I can wait.