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On the one hand, I could buy a digital camera. On the other? A brand new goddamned 30–gig iPod!

On another hand, y’know… third hand ‘n all… I’m glad to see that the new Apple music service is featuring Massive Attack. I might end up buying 100th Windows after all, though 99¢ USD per song seems a little steep when buying an entire album. In all, this “rock and roll rebirth” will do little to affect my music buying habits; I’ll still buy CDs because I like a solid product in my hand, I like the covers and the liner notes, and I like listening to entire albums through and through… slowly coming to appreciate songs that I might not have bought if a 30–second snip was all I had to base my opinions on.

On the other hand (this is getting ridiculous, unless I were Forearm of the Mutant Liberation Front… which I might be), being able to sample songs in an unlimited fashion (well, limited to 30 seconds of each I suppose) could very–well mean I buy more music over all; though not necessarily from Apple.

Prognosis? The Apple music initiative will somehow affect my life as a music afficionado, especially given that I am a Mac user and potential future iPod owner. Mmmmmmm.