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Ever more on iTunes 4

iTunes’ cover–art handling is a nice addition, making several third–party apps obsolete, but needs a tweak or two to really make it shine. Automatic art lookup (via Amazon or Apple’s music–service servers) would be nice. This could cause problems when songs are mislabeled or unlabeled, but would work like a charm for anything ripped directly from iTunes (assuming the CDDB’s records aren’t terribly fucked) or purchased from Apple Music.

According to Panicman Steven Frank, full albums cost just US$10 from Apple Music; something that makes my ears prick up with delight. Of course, there’s still no cover art or solid in–hand product; but an album for sixteen Australian dollars?!? Hell, JB can’t even compete with that. Assuming I do end up buying an iPod, I might just forsake CDs altogether. Sure, I’ll miss the covers and the lyrics and the photos, but… dizzamn.

In other iPod news: I’ve long thought that if I did purchase such a device that I could dump my whole home folder right on it, tweak NetInfo accordingly, and carry my entire digital life in my pocket. Not owning an iPod, I’ve never had the chance to test it out and see if it’s plausible (since disconnecting the iPod would, at any time, make the user’s home folder inaccessible… along with application preferences, library items, etc.); but if those rumors concerning Mac OS 10.3 turn out to be true (the ones about user–centricity) then that kind of thing would be a default capability of the OS. Nice. More excuses to buy an iPod now.