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Looking through my stats, I’m intrigued and a little concerned as to Google’s rather–strange treatment of decaffeinated dot org. It would seem that my archives just aren’t being indexed, so searches for out–of–date material often turn up a link to the front page. Try searching for “i want to watch a live sex movie now without paying a single penny or writing an application” as some disturbed visitor did on Thursday. There I am at number five, though the link points straight to and not to the April 26 post that Google’s summary would indicate.

How about a search for Feminem? There I am at number four, though the link is broken: pointing to an archived post from way–back–when… before I switched my archiving system from MT–default to a more human–friendly method. Interestingly, the actual “feminem” archive is not listed at all. This is all despite the fact that those old archive files became unavailable only 27 days into the life of this site. Months later, the old archives are still in Google and the new archives aren’t! Yay!

Still looking through my stats, I see most of my server’s failure reports are from those old archive pages. I start to wonder how many more hits I’d get from Google if my real archives were being indexed. I start to panic. I start to hyperventilate. I grab a paper bag. That’s better.

I visit Googlebot’s home page and theorize that even though the posts on the front page of this site link to their archived counterparts, those archives “appear to be duplicates of [the front] page”… well it does say “appear to be”.

Still theorizing, I theorize that I should get off my ass and implement a proper archive page so that people can explore and search the archives; while altering the front page slightly so as to give the “appearance” that the front page and archive pages are, in fact, different pages… which they are. Stupendous.