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Something I spotted in the perenially–great Office Space (no doubt I’m not the first): the computer Peter uses in his cubicle is a PC, that much is obvious, though it runs an un–branded version of Mac OS. There’s no apple menu, and there are a few other cosmetic changes to the OS, but by far the greatest change is that it boots down to MS-DOS when he shuts down the computer. How very… uh… cool.

Like a total geek, I’m going to see X–Men 2 again tonight and will probably see it again with Garth once the opportunity arises, given that he works every weeknight and I every weekend–night. I’ll be keeping an eye out for Jubilee and Gambit, the only mutants in the list at RaveCentral who I didn’t spot first time around. I also hear there’s a lot to be seen in the Cerebro scene, something I’ll be eyeing very closely tonight.