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Free haircut day

Geena Davis, Abi Tucker, and Sarah Jessica Parker I like haircuts. It could be that my hairdresser, Sue, resembles Geena Davis; or that one of the other hairdressers reminds me of Abi Tucker; or that Sue’s protogé, the beautiful apprentice Gemma, looks a little like Sarah Jessica Parker (sans weird chin–wart). Then again, it could be the haircut.

I get ribbed from time to time about my loyalty to an out–of–the–way hairdresser like Katz for Hair, and moreso for even going to a hairdresser where appointments are mandatory, but it’s honestly worth it. Sue is an insatiable perfectionist, something I appreciate a lot, but today was time for something new. Today was time from Gemma to try her hand at cutting my hair, and being a lowly apprentice that made today a free haircut day.