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Absence makes the what, now?

It seemed a little strange to me at the time, and I dare say it still does seem a little strange, but last night I bumped into somebody I used to go to high school with. Not a friend, not a lover, barely an acquaintance: we just happen to know each other from school. We see each other, give the obligatory head–nod, and somehow that turns into a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

Back up.

Now, I’m not prudish by any stretch of the word and consider the ability to kiss your girl friends “just because” (in an entirely non–romantic kinda way) a total bonus to male/female friendships. Kissing several attractive women in public makes you look like a stud, if not a friendly kinda guy, so I’m all for it: but Mel is about two steps from being a total random. Does her assumption of some degree of intimacy constitute a faux pas? Or am I being wiggity–whack and analyzing our drunken social interaction a little too closely? For now I’ll assume the latter. My english teacher once told me that alcohol is a “social lubricant” and I know from experience that it’ll take you straight to bedrooms you never expected to be in (for the better or worse, depending on the situation), so maybe a hug and a kiss ain’t all that bad. Consider me whack.