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Text–find redux

Given Firebird 0.6’s recent launch, I was checking out the Why You Should Switch to the Mozilla Firebird browser page and spotted an explanation for the ‘text find’ feature I was puzzling over.

Mozilla Firebird also features sophisticated ‘Type-Ahead Find’ for links that make it easier for users with accessibility needs (such as those using screen readers, or even laptop users with inconvenient pointing devices) to select links. Simply start typing the name of the link that you want to select and Firebird will shift focus to it.

Though I’m disappointed to see that the feature is nowhere near what I presumed it to be, it’s good to see some innovation on the accessibility front.

Hint to developers: implement my idea for a ‘highlight all’ option in the browser’s standard ‘find’ box. Oftentimes the find dialog is a total hindrance. Improve.