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Ping ping

Despite myself, I’ve just set MT to ping and whenever I update. Sooner or later I might open myself up to TrackBacks or Comments and I’ve even been looking at BlogRolling with some interest, but hey; one thing at a time. It would seem the world of weblogs has me ensnared.

Blogrolling is particularly interesting: a live, click–to–add link list that can be easily tracked and managed. The idea is sound enough, and it’s cool enough to warrant use, but I can’t bring myself to it. I feel like having a huge list of links down the side of my page would crowd things a little too much. I may have changed my title slug to “overopinionated overpunctuated. underinformed”, but “experiments in simplicity” is still close to my heart. Stupid neuroses.

I do, however, have something interesting planned in the “external linkage” department sometime soon: link mapping. I came upon the idea one day (I don’t plan to claim invention of the idea, since it’s likely already in use somewhere. Y’know… million monkeys on a million typewriters) when I wondered how I came upon a certain site. So I plan to present the relationships between my own bookmarked links visually… or something much like your average six degrees of separation. There are some long, long ancestries in there. For example: how did I get from Exploding Dog to the Misanthropic Bitch? There’s only one way to find out.